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External Monitoring
In addition to our in-house monitoring systems, which monitor server-wide services, we will add your domain to our external monitoring provider. This service will monitor your site specifically every 1 minute and let us know whether the site is reachable from an external location.

Let them wake us at 4am in the morning to fix a potential problem, while you sleep.

Additional peace of mind for only $10.00 per domain, per month!

We offer external monitoring through Pingdom and Hyperspin - you choose which you prefer, and whether you wish to be notified yourself, or have us receive the alerts.

$10.00 USD Monthly
$30.00 USD Quarterly
$60.00 USD Semi-Annually
$120.00 USD Annually
Whois Privacy
Protect your identity by showing anonymous domain registration information.
$10.00 USD Annually

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