How Can Commenters Receive Notification of Other Comments on My Posts? WordPress has many plugins available for this functionality; we like Subscribe to Comments. It... How Can I Add Another User to My WordPress Account? Coming soon! How Can I Change My WordPress Header Image? Yes you can indeed customize them, andyou can have as many as you like. In your Dashboard, go... How Do I Change My WordPress Theme? Playing around with new themes can be an easy and fun way to revitalize your site when the... How Do I Get the Free CommentLuv Premium Installed on my WordPress? This one's easy, because we do the hard part for you! Just send in a ticket to... How Do I Import My Blogger/ Blog into WordPress? Converting to WordPress from Blogger is a fairly straight-forward process, as WP has a built-in... How Do I Install WordPress on an Addon or Subdomain? The process for adding WordPress to an addon or subdomain is nearly identical to installing it on... How Do I Install WordPress? Installing WordPress at Black Chicken Host couldn't be easier! Follow these steps and you'll be... How to check Wordpress blog when the domain is pointed to another server If you would like to set up your new hosting account with Black Chicken Host, but DNS is still... Making WordPress More Secure As with any software, WordPress has security vulnerabilities which can be exploited by people... Preventing Comment Spam There are plenty of people (and robots) out there who do nothing but post spam comments in blogs,... Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy Please see our Terms of Service page for full details.   The Very Basics WordPress is a powerful blogging and content management tool used by millions all over the world... How Do I Uninstall WordPress? If you have a a WordPress installation you no longer want, it's very easy to remove, as long as... How Do I Reset or Recover My WP Administrative Password? If you have forgotten your WP administrative password, there is a built-in feature to recover it.... WordPress Says My File is Too Big To Upload - Why? WordPress uses the PHP limitations set up by the server to define how large an uploaded file may... Configuring an Existing WordPress Installation to Work With A New Domain   How do I configure WordPress to work with a new domain? To configure WordPress with a...
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