Setting Up a Custom php.ini File

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 What is PHP?

PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. It has a syntax...

 Why You Should Never Use 777 Permissions Anywhere, Ever, Full Stop, End of Story

The assigned permissions for a file determine who can read, write and execute the file or...

 How to Call PHP From a Cron Job

Running PHP scripts within the cron environment can be fraught with peril and frustrations if...

 I Keep Getting Internal Server Errors on My 777-Permitted Files - Why?

For enhanced security, Black Chicken Host uses an suPHP environment. suPHP allows PHP and HTML...

 WordPress Says My File is Too Big To Upload - Why?

WordPress uses the PHP limitations set up by the server to define how large an uploaded file may...

 Switching Your Version of PHP

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 Accessing MySQL via PHP

  Use the following outline as a guide to connect and begin querying the MySQL server from...

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