When I Transfer My Domain to Black Chicken Host, Will My Nameservers Automatically Switch to Yours?

When transferring a domain to Black Chicken Host, you may be concerned your nameservers will automatically change over to ours, which could cause downtime for your site if your account here at Black Chicken Host is not fully functional.

Never fear - transferring your domain to us will preserve your nameservers. That is to say, your existing nameservers will remain in place until we specifically change them when you're ready.

Thus, it is always safe to transfer the domain into our registry without fearing any downtime or DNS confusion for your site.

When you are ready to change the nameservers for the domain, you can either change them yourself in the Customer Portal under My Domains, or you can request we change them for you. We do require all DNS changes to be made in writing via support ticket to ensure the correct information is entered.

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