Bot Attack on

UPDATE -- this incident has been marked as resolved on 2/11/2020 Starting this Sunday morning and into this morning the has been hit repeatedly by bot/spammer attacks against various WordPress login pages. The incident is being actively monitored, and you can view status updates ... Read More »

10th Feb 2020
Limited Support on 7/16/2019 and 7/23/2019

We're traveling to/from Michigan those days and will be largely unavailable. Support is available as per usual the days in between though!


We will be on standby for emergency support issues for the days while we are out, but we will be addressing all nonemergency requests the following respective days. Thanks!

14th Jul 2019
Server Networking Issues - RIVER & FOREST

Good morning,   Our server provider is currently experiencing networking issues in the region that your server is in. They are currently investigating the issue and as soon as they give me an update I will pass that along to you. It is incredibly frustrating as we cannot physically do anything but sit and wait ourselves and we sincerely ... Read More »

26th Jun 2019
2019 Affiliate Referral Contest!

Announcing our 2019 Affiliate Referral Contest! We are grateful to our affiliate partners for helping us spread the word about our services they are currently the only source of our “advertising”! Because we know you’re putting time and effort into promoting us, we want to reward you even more than the $5.00 bonus just for signing up and ... Read More »

2nd Feb 2019
A sad but happy update

Hey BCH family!   It's been a while since we have made any public posts or provided any updates overall. We've been trying to work on some things behind the scenes and not introduce major changes around the holidays. We do have some things we're working on, but it is still going to be a bit before we can push them out.   Today's update is a ... Read More »

9th Jan 2019
New BCH Team Member!

Hey there everybody! We will be welcoming our firstborn into the world the (early) morning of 9/11. We will have Eric watching for tickets for a good chunk of the day while we are recouping from the morning's events. In the afternoon, we will be keeping an eye out for emergencies (server, services, or site down), but there will likely be a delay ... Read More »

10th Sep 2018
Limited Support 5/1/2018

Limited Support on 5/1/2018  Hannah will be out of the office starting at 1pm CDT on Tuesday, May 1st. We will be on standby for emergency support issues (thank goodness planes have wifi!) for the day while we are out, but we will be addressing all nonemergency requests Tuesday evening. Thanks!We also post updates on our FaceBook page  and on ... Read More »

30th Apr 2018
Scheduled Server Maintenance for Shared Environments and VPS Servers

We will be performing routine, scheduled maintenance on our shared and private environments on Saturday, April 21st starting at 10pm CST. We anticipate this maintenance taking a few hours with a period of downtime involved for each server subject to maintenance.   We would also like to remind you to refrain from making any changes to your ... Read More »

21st Apr 2018
Migration to new server -

We will be performing the migration on Saturday February 24 (starting at 0100 EST) in two parts:  * Accounts who's main domain starts with A-G will be migrated to the following    * Hostname:    * IP:  * Accounts who's main domain starts with H-Z will be migrated to the following    * ... Read More »

6th Feb 2018
Server Maintenance 1/28/2018 01:00 ET

We have some maintenance planned for your server, This maintenance will have some downtime so we're slating this for Sunday 01:00AM ET til whenever it's complete. We expect this should only take a couple hours at most. This maintenance entails adding additional resources, memory and CPU, so we can ensure everyone on ... Read More »

26th Jan 2018

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