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Watering Can
This server contains 60GB disk space, 2GB RAM, and 2CPUs for you to work with and develop your sites into blossoming ventures!
$50.00 USD Monthly + $15.00 USD Setup Fee
Do your sites need a bigger field? This is a great next step up containing 80GB disk space, 4GB RAM, and 2CPUs to help your sites expand!
$65.00 USD Monthly + $15.00 USD Setup Fee
Bee House
160GB of disk space, 8GB of memory, and 4 CPUs will be able to sustain your handful of busy bee websites!
$95.00 USD Monthly + $15.00 USD Setup Fee
Iron Fence
320GB of disk space, 16GB RAM, and 6 CPUs! Hopefully you can see why we call this the Iron Fence! Loads of resources to be able to handle all your sites!
$320.00 USD Monthly + $15.00 USD Setup Fee

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