Blocking Certain IP's, IP Ranges and Countries from Your Server

This article is incomplete - please check back later! Your server comes with a software firewall...

 Root Access on a cPanel Machine - A Primer

cPanel is a wonderful tool in many respects, but if you come from a standard CentOS environment,...

 Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy

Please see our Terms of Service page for full details.  

 What is SSH?

Wikipedia defines SSH as "a network protocol for secure data communication, remote shell services...

 What is a Dedicated server?

Coming soon!

 What is a Load Balancer?

Coming soon!

 What's the Difference Between Shared, VPS and Dedicated Accounts?

Navigating the waters of web hosting account types and sizes can be tricky for people who are not...

 Whitelist Directory in ModSecurity2

This article only applies to VPS and Dedicated customers - Shared account holders do not have...

 Can I Stream Videos on My VPS or Dedicated Server?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, we recommend having a VPS or Dedicated server if your website plans to...

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