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Can I Transfer My Current Domain(s) to Black Chicken Host? Absolutely! We will be happy to have you transfer your existing domain or domains to our... DNS Health Checker Websites There are a variety of websites out there which will examine your domain's overall DNS health and... How Do I Change My Nameservers? You can change your nameservers either by submitting a support request and providing your new... How Do I Clear My Browser's Cache? Indiana University has a very nice listing of how to clear the browser cache on most browsers.... How to Flush Your DNS Cache   Your DNS cache stores the locations (IP addresses) of pages you have recently viewed. If the... How to Park a Domain Parking a domain using cPanel is extremely easy and be accomplished with these steps: Register... Setting Up Custom Error Pages cPanel has a built-in custom error page builder under the "Advanced" section, called "Error Pages." Setting Up a Hosts File for Your Local Computer When DNS changes are made to your site, you may not be able to see it via your web browser right... Setting Up a Subdomain in cPanel To set up a subdomain within cPanel, simply follow these steps to victory:   Log into the... Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy Please see our Terms of Service page for full details.   What Happens if My Domain Expires? If your domain expires, your website will stop working because the registrar will stop nameserver... What is An "Addon Domain?" cPanel allows for multiple domains to be hosted from the same account, provided your Black... What is DNS Propagation? DNS stands for Domain Name Service. Every time you go to a website or send an email using a... What is a "Parked Domain?" A parked domain is another domain that points to your existing domain's content. While you can... What is a "TLD?" TLD stands for Top Level Domain. This is the suffix for your domain - for example, .com, .org,... What is a Subdomain? A subdomain is a prefix to the main domain name, such as "blog," "mail," or even "www." Thus, a... When I Transfer My Domain to Black Chicken Host, Will My Nameservers Automatically Switch to Yours? When transferring a domain to Black Chicken Host, you may be concerned your nameservers will... Why Should I Register My Domain With Black Chicken Host? There are several advantages to registered your domain with Black Chicken Host, or transferring... Configuring an Existing WordPress Installation to Work With A New Domain   How do I configure WordPress to work with a new domain? To configure WordPress with a...
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