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Choosing a Strong Password Choosing a strong password to protect your website and accounts is vital to ensuring your data... Do You Block Any Countries From Accessing Your Servers? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is now "yes." Previously, we had been addressing... Finding the Target of a Denial of Service (DOS) Attack Coming soon! How to Cleanse and Secure a Compromised/Hacked Account   My Account Has Been Hacked! What Should I Do? It's a horrible feeling, logging into your site... Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance What is PCI Compliance? Required by Payment Card Industry Ensures Protection of Sensitive... Preventing Comment Spam There are plenty of people (and robots) out there who do nothing but post spam comments in blogs,... Root Access on a cPanel Machine - A Primer cPanel is a wonderful tool in many respects, but if you come from a standard CentOS environment,... Securing Your Site with an SSL Coming soon! Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy Please see our Terms of Service page for full details.   What is SSL? Whitelist Directory in ModSecurity2 This article only applies to VPS and Dedicated customers - Shared account holders do not have... Why You Should Never Use 777 Permissions Anywhere, Ever, Full Stop, End of Story The assigned permissions for a file determine who can read, write and execute the file or... I Keep Getting Internal Server Errors on My 777-Permitted Files - Why? For enhanced security, Black Chicken Host uses an suPHP environment. suPHP allows PHP and HTML...
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