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Choosing a Strong Password Choosing a strong password to protect your website and accounts is vital to ensuring your data... File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Basics File Transfer Protocol, or FTP, is a means of transferring data from one computer to another. It... Getting Started with cPanel cPanel is a very nice way of managing your domain and hosting account with Black Chicken Host.... How Can I Add a Gem to My cPanel? Coming soon! How Do I Forward Email to Another Address? cPanel has a built-in feature  which makes it easy to forward email received at your domain to... How Do I Install WordPress on an Addon or Subdomain? The process for adding WordPress to an addon or subdomain is nearly identical to installing it on... How Do I Install WordPress? Installing WordPress at Black Chicken Host couldn't be easier! Follow these steps and you'll be... How to Create and/or Download a cPanel Backup Generating and downloading a backup within cPanel is a simple and painless process, and so... How to Park a Domain Parking a domain using cPanel is extremely easy and be accomplished with these steps: Register... Restoring Backups from cPanel There are a number of reasons why it may be necessary to restore a website from a backup. These... Root Access on a cPanel Machine - A Primer cPanel is a wonderful tool in many respects, but if you come from a standard CentOS environment,... Setting Up Custom Error Pages cPanel has a built-in custom error page builder under the "Advanced" section, called "Error Pages." Setting Up a Subdomain in cPanel To set up a subdomain within cPanel, simply follow these steps to victory:   Log into the... Terms of Service & Acceptable Use Policy Please see our Terms of Service page for full details.   What is An "Addon Domain?" cPanel allows for multiple domains to be hosted from the same account, provided your Black... What is a "Parked Domain?" A parked domain is another domain that points to your existing domain's content. While you can... What is a Subdomain? A subdomain is a prefix to the main domain name, such as "blog," "mail," or even "www." Thus, a... What's the Difference Between Shared and VPS hosting? Navigating the waters of web hosting account types and sizes can be tricky for people who are not...
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