What is a Black Chicken Host Affiliate?

An Affiliate account is a special type of Black Chicken Host account - it allows the affiliate to be paid commissions for customers he or she refers to Black Chicken Host. This is different from a reseller account, which owns all the accounts the reseller brings in under his or her account, and does not receive a commission - resellers are paid directly by their customers.

Affiliate-referred customers open their own Black Chicken Host accounts and the affiliate receives a commission, subject to terms and conditions.

When affiliates sign up for their account, they receive a special affiliate ID and URL, which they can use to advertise Black Chicken Host.


If a referred customer, subsequent to the initial order, requests additional servers, no additional referral commission will be paid. The bonus program only applies to new customers and on their initial order. However, if a customer signs up for multiple machines on an initial order, a separate referral bonus will be paid to the referrer for each machine.

Each referral must be a unique customer who has never been a Black Chicken Host client before. If your referral opened up 3 accounts, it is still one referral.

You can not refer yourself.

In the event of dispute, Black Chicken Host's decision shall be final.

The Black Chicken Host Affiliate Program is intended to be a mutually beneficial arrangement between our partners and Black Chicken Host that rewards referrers for introducing new customers to our products. Any intentional misrepresentation or manipulation that violates the spirit of the partner program is strictly prohibited.


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