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Loading images on your website by linking to another site, called "hotlinking," is poor internet citizenry at best and bandwidth theft at worst. Black Chicken Host strongly discourages this practice.

We understand it's so much easier to simply link to another site's image than it is to download it to your local computer, upload it to your site, and then add it to your post. However, when you hotlink to an image, you're using another person's bandwidth and disk space resources for that image. Additionally, some sites expressly disallow hotlinking and the image will not show up correctly on your site.

Be a good internet homesteader and take the time to perform the two additional steps of downloading the image and uploading it to your own site. This has the advantage of not only being polite but also of making sure the image is always available to load - should the remote site take the image down, you'll be left with a broken image on your site.

For any image you have on your page, please be sure to either have permission to use it or give appropriate credit - copyright violations are explicitly forbidden by our Terms of Service.

If you ever have any questions about inserting images into your site, please just let us know and we'll be happy to help!


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